Author Topic: What's The Worst Sonic Fanfic You've Ever Read?  (Read 1030 times)

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What's The Worst Sonic Fanfic You've Ever Read?
« on: November 09, 2012, 12:06:08 AM »
Might as well do it here.
One I saw was one of those "Comedies" that rely on bad things happening to canons and OCs being jerks. Another was Maria giving Shadow "The Talk".

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Re: What's The Worst Sonic Fanfic You've Ever Read?
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2012, 12:16:30 AM »
Badaboom! (note: This is the worst I have read recently.)

The werehog meets his match (*snicker*)

Moebius Castle:
Scourge: I have thought of a perfect way to destroy Sonic.
Fiona: *smirks* tell me babe
Miles: tell us, my lord
Scourge: Since Sonic is so fast
Alicia: Yeah
Scourge: We will defeat him in his werehog form
Miles: Why
Scourge: His werehog form is so slow, so it will be so easy to beat him up
Fiona: I hope so
New Mobotropolis Castle:
Geoffrey St. John: Master, Why do you have your staff of sorcery
Ixis Naugus: to block out the sun
Geoffrey St. John: Why
Ixis Naugus: To get rid of Sonic
Geoffrey St. John: *smirks evily* Go on ahead then. I want that annoying blue hedgehog gone as well
Ixis Naugus: *casts a magic spell to block out the sun forever*
Geoffrey St. John: *grabs a warp ring and teleports to Moebius* its time to betray my own master and join the dark side. I would love to fight with Fiona Fox. She is way more hot and sexy than that stupid chipmunk, Princess Sally Acorn.
New Mobotropolis Courtyard:
Tails: Oh No, the sun is blocked out forever
Sonic: I am not feeling so good
Tails: Sonic, please don't tell me you ate too many chili dogs and are going to throw up all over my fur
Sonic: No I didn't eat too many chili dogs
Tails: Oh
Sonic: I am so angry
Tails: Why
Sonic: its the dark gaia dust in the air
Tails: Uh Oh
Sonic: *turns into a werehog* Must smash two-tailed fox
Tails: Sonic Stop, I am your friend
Sonic the Werehog: *growls and punches Tails a thousand times with his stretchy arms*
Tails: *crys and runs away* Sonic, I hate you so much
Moebius Castle:
*doorbell rings*
Scourge: miles, get the door
Miles: yes my lord *opens the door*
Geoffrey St. John: Hello, I am here to see Scourge the Hedgehog
Miles: Scourge, there's a skunk from Mobius that wants to see you
Scourge: Hello Geoffrey. What are you doing here
Geoffrey St. John: I am here to join you on your conquest to kill Sonic the Hedgehog
Scourge: Why
Geoffrey St. John: I gave up on being Ixis Naugus's servant because he's so bossy
Scourge: well your in. Your on my team with Fiona Fox.
Geoffrey St. John: Sweet, I won't let you down, my lord
Scourge: *smirks evily* i hope not
Elias Acorn's Room:
Elias Acorn: *on the walkie-talkie* Secret Freedom Fighters, come in. Have you found out why the sun is blocked out
Silver: Nope
Shard: I questioned every citizen and i got nothing
Larry Lynx: Me neither but i found a sale on chili dogs at the chili dog stand
Leeta and Lyco: Can't Find anything either
Lupe Wolf: *on video cam* Guys, i found a video of Ixis Naugus blocking out the sun with his staff.
Elias Acorn: I knew it. Ixis Naugus is behind this.
Shard: So Elias, what do we do
Elias Acorn: tell everyone to meet me at the New Mobotropolis Castle so we can arrest Ixis Naugus.
Shard: Yes Sir
New Mobotropolis Castle Courtyard:
Tails: Blaze, help me
Blaze: *sad* Tails, what's wrong
Tails: *crying* its so sad. Sonic turned into a werehog and he beat me up a thousand times.
Blaze: What. Why would he do that. I will burn his fur off.
Tails: blaze don't, he will beat you up. His werehog form gave him short term memory loss to friends.
Blaze: fine. I will protect you *takes tails to her shelter*
Sally Acorn's Room:
Sally: *dancing* i love my life
Tails Doll: *floats through the window freaking sally out* Play with me
Sally: *growls* no you dumb doll
Tails Doll: *grabs sally's tail* i said, play with me
Sally: *steps on the tails doll with her foot* NO!!!!!!
Tails Doll: you are so mean
Sally: *grabs tails doll and puts him in the doll shredder machine*
Tails Doll: Dead
Mobius Field:
Sonic the Werehog: *gets hit by a grenade and falls on the ground*
Geoffrey St. John: *appears with Fiona and Scourge* thats right you blue punk, its time for your life to end
Scourge: Prepare to die
Fiona: *smirks* by three of your worst nightmares
Sonic the Werehog:*grabs Fiona with his arm*
Scourge: No touche *spindashes sonic into a tree*
Fiona: *grabs sonic and spins him in the air a thousand times and roundhouse kicks him*
Geoffrey St. John: *grabs sonic after he gets roundhouse kicked by Fiona and throws him in the air and hits him with a missile launcher that smashes him into the new mobotropolis shield*
Sonic the Werehog: gets up weakly
Scourge: grabs sonic by the neck and throws him to Fiona*
Fiona: *punches Sonic in the face and ties dynamite to him*
Geoffrey St. John: lights the dynamite and throws Sonic on to the ground*
Sonic the Werehog: gets killed by the dynamite
Scourge: good job team. we killed him
Fiona: thats right babe, we did it *kisses Scourge*
Scourge: Kisses Fiona
Geoffrey St. John: That felt great *gives Scourge and Fiona a hug*
Scourge: we are glad that you are on the team *hugs Geoffrey St. John*
Fiona: i am glad you joined us, sweetheart *gives Geoffrey St. John a kiss and hugs him*
New Mobotropolis Castle:
Elias Acorn: Ixis Naugus, you are under arrest on blocking out the sun forever by the Secret Freedom Fighters. Surrender peacefully or we will make Shard blow up the castle with C4 dynamite.
Ixis Naugus: don't be so hasty, my boy. I have done nothing wrong
Shard: don't play with us, naugus. we saw you block out the sun
Leeta: yeah, you ugly monster thing. do you want to see what true girl power means on this team
Ixis Naugus: shut it you female wolf
Lyco: for being mean to my sister, you get strike 1. 2 more strikes and the castle goes kablooey
Silver: OK Naugus, whats the point of you blocking out the sun forever
Ixis Naugus: i am not listening to you, time traveling hedgehog
Shard: *lights the c4 dynamite around the castle*
Elias Acorn: OK team, lets get out of the castle
*Castle blows up*
Ixis Naugus: Dead
Freedom HQ:Sonic the Hedgehog's Funeral
Shadow: We are all here today to cry in sorrow about Sonic the Hedgehog's death today
Sally: *raises her hand* shadow, can i speak
Shadow: sure sally
Sally: Sonic was the main robot killer on our team. He was the best on our team and never gave up when a dangerous situation came. He fought for what is right and destroyed every enemy in his path. Even though, he got distracted a couple of times by Scourge and Fiona, he still helped us win every battle. Sonic and I dated each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. We both loved each other so much. We kissed each other when the time was right.
Shadow: Thank you Sally for that wonderful statement about Sonic. Does anyone else have something to say.
Tails: I do, Shadow
Shadow: go on ahead, Tails
Tails: Sonic was a back-stabbing loser that made me so mad. When Fiona joined the freedom fighters, I loved her so much but Sonic stole her right in front of me. I was so mad that I wanted to punch Sonic in the face. Even though, Fiona slapped me in the face super hard and got laughed at by Scourge, I was still mad at Sonic for stealing her right in front of me.
Shadow: Thanks Tails for that statement.
Chip: I don't agree with Tails at all. Sonic is not a back-stabbing loser. He is Mobius's hero and protects us from evil.
Cream: I agree with Chip. Tails is a big-fat lier.
Shadow: Guys, calm down, i know that Tails's Statement has insulted you but you don't have to fight about it.
Big: be quiet, you black and red hedgehog *throws a tree at Shadow*
Shadow: i am the pastor here. you can not hit me with trees. I am the ultimate lifeform.
Blaze: blah blah blah be quiet
Charmy: yeah, get off the stage. The funeral is over
Shadow: fine. I can't believe you hate me so much. *walks off the stage*

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Re: What's The Worst Sonic Fanfic You've Ever Read?
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2012, 12:20:05 AM »
Badaboom! (note: This is the worst I have read recently.)

The werehog meets his match (*snicker*)
I only read like, a few lines in the middle. That's even written horribly.

As for me... Hmm, I certainly written a few that I'm  not proud of, today. One was about the Chaotix being hired by Eggman to take out Sonic and his friends. It was placed after Sonic Heroes, so he offered him his fleet.